Believe it. They really said it. Feel free to message these lovely brainiacs and harass them as you see fit.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

**The following received as an offline message. My response back to her is after I read the offline. She was not online to comment further.***
average_girl82: pretty stuck up arent you
average_girl82: maybe if you weren't such an ass, people would be nicer to you, learn some matters
aural_fixations: Learn some matters? Perhaps you meant manners. As far as being stuck up... I'm no better than anyone else. People simply get on my nerves. Have a nice day.

jappa23: hey
jappa23: asl
jappa23: 23 m st louis here
jappa23: u like younger men??
aural_fixations: not interested.
jappa23: u dont like 23 year olds?
aural_fixations: I am not on the market.
aural_fixations: I'm not looking. I'm not interested.
jappa23: i know
jappa23: u dont wanna talk?
aural_fixations: Age doesn't matter to talk.
jappa23: i dunno
jappa23: u look very pretty
aural_fixations: thanks
jappa23: i like women with glasses
jappa23: a lotta people dont like glasses but i thibk they make women look sophisticated
aural_fixations: thanks
jappa23: u look a lot younger than 31
jappa23: u look my age
jappa23: lol
aural_fixations: thanks
jappa23: u got a nice body too?
jappa23: i bet
aural_fixations: you'll just have to wonder.
jappa23: u cant even stand for a sec
aural_fixations: nope
jappa23: thats kinda weak
aural_fixations: oh well.
jappa23: hehe
jappa23: u a virgin?
aural_fixations: I have a 5 year old son.
jappa23: whats ur fav position?
aural_fixations: I don't talk about sex.
jappa23: u dont like sex?
aural_fixations: I don't talk about sex.
jappa23: but do u like it?
aural_fixations: I don't talk about sex. Therefore, I am not answering any sexual questions.
jappa23: but all im wonderign is what u are afraid of?
jappa23: with me
jappa23: just wondering
aural_fixations: Not "afraid" of anything.
aural_fixations: It's a private subject.
jappa23: cuz ii think u are beautiful
aural_fixations: And I don't talk about it.
jappa23: and u think im some rapist lol
aural_fixations: I don't think that.
aural_fixations: I think it isn't any of your business. And I don't talk about sex with anyone.
jappa23: but dont u like to have fun?
jappa23: private fun?
aural_fixations: I don't talk about that.
jappa23: u are lame babe
aural_fixations: Nobody's keeping you here.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

kingdrawoh: hi there do u want to watch me??
aural_fixations: watch you what.
kingdrawoh: i just got a web cam can u watch me masturbate?
aural_fixations: No, I'm sure you know how to do it just fine without me watching.
kingdrawoh: :(

Sunday, March 28, 2004

carrie_smith17331: i wanna be on your maggots page
aural_fixations: er...
aural_fixations: why?
carrie_smith17331: its cool
aural_fixations: oh.
carrie_smith17331: ok here i go
aural_fixations: you're on it.
carrie_smith17331: can i drink you pee
carrie_smith17331: will u sit on my face
aural_fixations: oh. you want that stuff on it?
aural_fixations: I already put you on it.
carrie_smith17331: i wanna stick my tounge in you butt
carrie_smith17331: hehe
carrie_smith17331: thanks but u did not get the cool stuff
aural_fixations: eh. it's all good.
carrie_smith17331: yea but i wanna have u pee in my mouth while i use a dildo on myself

stevenlee47: wanna fuck
aural_fixations: I still don't. Even after the last 7 times you've asked.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

ofallon_guy_age_30: Hi I was wondering if a guy offered to let you facesit on him all day without any time limmits and eat you all you want no strings attached. would you do it
aural_fixations: that's the second time you've wondered that to me.
aural_fixations: This is the second time I'm telling you that I am not interested.
ofallon_guy_age_30: bots dont remember names
aural_fixations: I am not a bot, and neither are you.
ofallon_guy_age_30: no the program sending the im is
aural_fixations: You have a program sending that to women?
ofallon_guy_age_30: yes to find the oppenminded ones
aural_fixations: I see.
aural_fixations: Well stop messaging me with it.
aural_fixations: I have a boyfriend. I am not interested.
ofallon_guy_age_30: just iggy it please cause It does not remember your name if you in the room and fit the profile type it will pm you so iggy it plz
aural_fixations: fit the profile type??
ofallon_guy_age_30: your age an ocation is preprogrammed in to pnm those with matching ages between 18 -45
aural_fixations: I see.
aural_fixations: What if someone said yes to you, and she has a yeast infection?
ofallon_guy_age_30: do you seriously think im going to go right to it i like to know more about people than that
ofallon_guy_age_30: like last hiv screen do they bathe lol
aural_fixations: she could lie.
ofallon_guy_age_30: well if she dont bathe ill know it before she gets near to me doing that and i do like to go out for dinner and things like that im not saying ill incvite someone over to do it tonight i want to know someone first
aural_fixations: I see.

the_name_you_scream_loudest: Where on your body do you like hot cum?

Monday, March 22, 2004

bicur_girl_in_mo: Hey...I have been looking off and on for a while...for a girl I can trust to have some fun with my boyfriend for me in St. Louis while I am in KC...Just need to find someone that is nice, attractive, not a nutcase, not a slut...but just wants to try something different. I can explain more if you are maybe interested.
aural_fixations: *siiigh*.
aural_fixations: blah blah blah.
aural_fixations: nail through head of penis.
aural_fixations: blah blah blah.. don't cover hospital bills...
aural_fixations: blah blah blah. how many times are you going to message me with that crap?
aural_fixations: I actually don't even believe that there IS a "girlfriend". I think you're the guy.
aural_fixations: hm?

Saturday, March 20, 2004

steponmythroat: have you ever stepped on anyone's throat?
mikeybirchersgirl> not that i recall.
steponmythroat> would you do it?
mikeybirchersgirl> I have no reason to do that.
aural_fixations> why.
steponmythroat: i think its fascinating
aural_fixations> I see.
aural_fixations> I might do it for A LOT of money.
steponmythroat> how much is a lot of money?
aural_fixations> 500.
steponmythroat> what exactly would you do for 500?
aural_fixations> well, step on a throat of course.
aural_fixations> That's it.
steponmythroat> how long for?
aural_fixations> Until I felt that it was enough.
aural_fixations> Probably a few seconds. Less than 30.
steponmythroat> would you do it for 2 minutes?
aural_fixations> maybe.
steponmythroat> would you enjoy doing it?
aural_fixations: I would enjoy getting the money.
steponmythroat: i bet
steponmythroat: how tall are you?
aural_fixations: 5*3
steponmythroat: your shoe size?
aural_fixations: 7
steponmythroat: you would be easy to handle
aural_fixations: There would be no handling of me.
aural_fixations: I'd simply get my money and step on your throat. That's it.
aural_fixations: Of course, I'd bring bodyguards.
steponmythroat: i meant handling you on my throat
aural_fixations: I see.
steponmythroat: i like it full weight
steponmythroat: would you be willing to do it till i pass out?
aural_fixations: No.
aural_fixations: I'm not going to do it at all. I've decided I'm not interested.
steponmythroat: ok

cuteboy_85in: can i see ur bobssssssssssss
aural_fixations: ok. ready?
cuteboy_85in: i am ready
aural_fixations: there.
cuteboy_85in: ya
cuteboy_85in: why u close the cam
aural_fixations: because you're an idiot.
cuteboy_85in: ur a bitch
aural_fixations: because i wouldn't show you my boobs?
aural_fixations: that's silly.
cuteboy_85in: ur so silly
cuteboy_85in: u dont have a gutssssssssssssss
aural_fixations: I'm not here for your porno pleasure.
aural_fixations: I'm too good for that.
cuteboy_85in: u go and put ur face behind the clothe
aural_fixations: Don't bother speaking any further.
aural_fixations: I have put you on ignore.
aural_fixations: I have also given your name to everyone as a jerk.
cuteboy_85in: ok
aural_fixations: good night.
cuteboy_85in: bloody rackel

Wednesday, March 17, 2004


squid1229: howdy
aural_fixations: hi
squid1229: your automated reply gets too the point
aural_fixations: that's the goal.
squid1229: are you sure
aural_fixations: indeed.
squid1229: what are you doing?
aural_fixations: reading the news.
squid1229: post dispatch
aural_fixations: cnn
squid1229: whats going on in the world?
aural_fixations: read
squid1229: im more interested in you
aural_fixations: ah
aural_fixations: nothing to report here.
squid1229: you didnt make the news of the world
aural_fixations: I prefer my life to be uneventful.
squid1229: tell me other things you prefer
aural_fixations: I dunno.
squid1229: why not
aural_fixations: You'll have to be more specific.
squid1229: suprise me
aural_fixations: If you don't have a specific question, I have no answer.
squid1229: why isnt your cam on?
aural_fixations: I don't feel like being pelted with PMs.
squid1229: well just turn it on for me
aural_fixations: No thanks. I'm not in the mood to be on cam right now.
squid1229: what you got on?
aural_fixations: tshirt and running pants.
squid1229: you should slide out of those
aural_fixations: goodbye.
squid1229: are u leaving?
squid1229: ?
aural_fixations: I am not going to talk about anything sexual.
squid1229: i dnt think we were
aural_fixations: Don't patronize me.
aural_fixations: Don't say crap like "slide out of those" clothes.
squid1229: that bothered you
aural_fixations: Yes.
squid1229: im sorryguess i seen you dufferently
aural_fixations: I am not a flirt. I don't talk sexual. I am very uptight when it comes to that. Now you know.
squid1229: you leed on that way that is confusing
aural_fixations: I don't lead anything.
squid1229: so not a chance
aural_fixations: Not a chance what so ever.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

She just won't give up. Isn't she cute? My number one chick fan! Unfortunately, I've had to put her on ignore, because she can only spar with "probably"s. As in "you probably have herpes." She'd be fun if she had some proof.

blazer_goddess03: you just posted some poor guys phone number and address, retard
aural_fixations: so?
blazer_goddess03: you dont even feel the slightest bit bad that people will call him?
aural_fixations: He's got a listed number.
aural_fixations: Anyone can pick up any phone book and call him.
blazer_goddess03: your nothing but a cold hearted bitch
aural_fixations: Right.
aural_fixations: It's funny that you checked to see if I blogged you so fast.
blazer_goddess03: funny, a while back, you looked up some girls phone number and shit, and you wouldnt post her screenname or phone number, but you post this guys?
aural_fixations: Wow. You really keep tabs on me. I'm flattered.
aural_fixations: Now I know you love me.
blazer_goddess03: you make me sick
aural_fixations: You haaaaave a cruuuuuush on meeeeee
blazer_goddess03: u protest you dont show, but yet in your pics you have pics of your chest and ass and shit
aural_fixations: You love me.
aural_fixations: What will you buy me?
aural_fixations: I have a list.
blazer_goddess03: yes baby, i wanna have lez sex with you, happy now? is that what you want to hear
aural_fixations: I knew it!
aural_fixations: Now that you're over the denial, what is the second step?
blazer_goddess03: haha if i were a lez i wouldnt touch you
blazer_goddess03: you probably have some STD from Mike Bircher
aural_fixations: I know. I'm a Goddess. Everyone is intimidated. That's ok.
aural_fixations: You can bow down like the rest.
blazer_goddess03: intimidated by what exactly?
aural_fixations: You don't have to stay in the background though, and worship me from afar any longer.
blazer_goddess03: haha
aural_fixations: Now that I know you've been watching me, pining for me, for months.
blazer_goddess03: does this shit make you feel better?
aural_fixations: Hanging on to every word I say, everything I do.
blazer_goddess03: its b/c your such a pathetic person
aural_fixations: I know you're my number one fan.
blazer_goddess03: you obviously get off on this stuff
aural_fixations: Yeah.
aural_fixations: And now you've gotten your time in my blog. Just like you wanted.
aural_fixations: See? I am so nice.
blazer_goddess03: its ok, we all know you and bircher spread your herpes back and forth to each other, b/c no one else will have you, either of you
aural_fixations: *pets you*
aural_fixations: poor thing. It will be ok.
blazer_goddess03: funny thing is, this isnt my real screen name i use all the time, my screenname i use, has a pic and info on it, which you will never get
aural_fixations: I can't wait til this one is over, so I can blog you again.
aural_fixations: See how much I love you back?

It's funny when people think they are getting to me. This girl obviously is jealous of the attention she thinks I'm getting and wanted to be in my blog. So I will let her have her glory.

blazer_goddess03: you really get off on posting what people say to you on the net huh? Well you know what, you're not the only person who gets perverts talking to them! All girls do, and another thing, you need to get over yourself already, you aren't all that, and you need a real job, to know what its like to earn your stuff, and get off welfare so I can quit paying for you and your kid, it's not our fault you're a whore and got pregnant and cant take care of him yourself, and your b/f looks like a 12 year old, and acts like one too have a great day!
blazer_goddess03: and go ahead and pretend you're busy, so you don't have to answer me, tatah
aural_fixations: I was afk.
aural_fixations: Anyway... thanks. You're so charming. Tah.
blazer_goddess03: sorry, truth hurts
blazer_goddess03: Tah
aural_fixations: No wonder I feel great.
blazer_goddess03: so, you have sex with people to get what you want, a lot of people do it, it's ok, really
aural_fixations: I don't put out.
blazer_goddess03: denial is the first step
aural_fixations: Exactly. I'm sure the phone book has some nice referrals for you.
aural_fixations: Get back to me when you know what you're talking about.
aural_fixations: You know.. like.. have "proof" that I'm on welfare.
blazer_goddess03: you are in denial about having sex for gifts and money
aural_fixations: Let me know that list of people I've banged for gifts and money.
blazer_goddess03: probably everyone you've blogged
aural_fixations: I must have blogged you somewhere.
blazer_goddess03: and you just change the conversation, to make yourself look good
aural_fixations: Poor thing.
blazer_goddess03: no, really you haven't
aural_fixations: Denial.
blazer_goddess03: you havent blogged me on any of my names to be honest wtih ya
aural_fixations: You are in absolute denial.
aural_fixations: I'm sure I have.
aural_fixations: Otherwise you wouldn't be lashing out as you are.
blazer_goddess03: i know under one name, i gave you your b/f's address and phone number, b/c you should never use first and last names in screennames
blazer_goddess03: you havent blooged me, trust me
aural_fixations: Nobody has ever given me his address and phone number.
aural_fixations: You can go ahead and try right now.
aural_fixations: Mike Bircher.
blazer_goddess03: he lives in st.charles
aural_fixations: doy.
aural_fixations: That's listed in his profile as well.
blazer_goddess03: ok hold on while i look it up again
aural_fixations: address. phone number. go ahead.
blazer_goddess03: chill the fuck out, i'm looking it up, oooo i must be trashy now, b/c i cuzz
aural_fixations: yes.
aural_fixations: I'm waiting.
aural_fixations: Would you like me to save you time?
blazer_goddess03: riiiight, you wouldnt give it to me, b/c you are afraid he might actually meet someone his age, who knows how to have fun, instead of being a stuck up cunt
aural_fixations: NO worries here.
aural_fixations: I'm waiting.
aural_fixations: Where is it?
blazer_goddess03: give it to me, if you sooooo not afraid to
aural_fixations: I'll let you prove yourself.
aural_fixations: I have no plans on giving you his phone number or address. I simply said I could save you time.

Michael Bircher

1372 Chouteau Ave Fl 2
Saint Louis, MO 63103-3123
Tel.: (314) 858-8528

aural_fixations: Wrong.
aural_fixations: That isn't even in st charles.
blazer_goddess03: riiiiight
aural_fixations: 63103 is a city zip code.
blazer_goddess03: no fucking shit
blazer_goddess03: 63033 is also a city zip code, dumbass
aural_fixations: He doesn't live in an apartment.
aural_fixations: 63103 is NOT st charles.
blazer_goddess03: riiight, i forgot he lives with mommy and daddy
aural_fixations: No, he doesn't.
blazer_goddess03: in denial again
aural_fixations: anyway.
aural_fixations: I'm waiting for you to show me his address and phone number.
blazer_goddess03: its ok, lots of 23 year old that are fucking 31 year olds live with parents
aural_fixations: Like you said you have before.
blazer_goddess03: you really think he's with you b/c he loves you??? wrong, he's with you, so he can tell his friends he's fucking a 31 year old
aural_fixations: Oh.
aural_fixations: Poor me.
blazer_goddess03: but it's ok, b/c you're just using him for what he can buy you, real love comes from within, not what people can buy you sweetcakes
aural_fixations: Oh.
aural_fixations: wow.
blazer_goddess03: and i really doubt you have fribomyalsia, im thinking you're using that to get attention too
aural_fixations: Fibromyalgia.
aural_fixations: Again, proof, dear idiot.
blazer_goddess03: i can say i have fibromyalgia to get attention too, it's not that hard
aural_fixations: Oh.
blazer_goddess03: so why dont you get over yourself already? why do all this stuff for attention? were you abused as a child, and this is your way of acting out?
aural_fixations: Poop.
blazer_goddess03: yes you remind me of poop
blazer_goddess03: you remind me of baby poop
aural_fixations: chickens and monkeys.
aural_fixations: I'm bored with you.
aural_fixations: Bye.
blazer_goddess03: thats good dear, go blog me now, have fun Tah

bond_janespond: why did u lie to me?
bond_janespond: thanks u are very decent and kind
bond_janespond: byee
aural_fixations: who the heck are you?
aural_fixations: and what did i "lie" about?
bond_janespond: u promised not to see him anymore
aural_fixations: See who??
bond_janespond: but u broke the promise
bond_janespond: dont try to be smart
bond_janespond: i know u are very smart
aural_fixations: I have no idea what you're talking about.
bond_janespond: come hun..why do u do this to me
bond_janespond: have i ever lied to u or cheated?
aural_fixations: I have no idea who you are.
aural_fixations: Go away.
aural_fixations: Quit wasting my time.
aural_fixations: You're annoying.
bond_janespond: and what do u think u are doin to me..
aural_fixations: I don't CARE what you think I am doing to you.
bond_janespond: if u dont like me u cud have said o
aural_fixations: I don't like you.
bond_janespond: why the drama
aural_fixations: I have no idea who you are, and already, I don't like you.
bond_janespond: but i like you very much
aural_fixations: I don't care.
aural_fixations: I think you're stupid.
aural_fixations: Leave me alone.
aural_fixations: You're obviously not even American.
bond_janespond: coz now u have somebody not so stupid
aural_fixations: Quit wasting my time, you foreign goon.
bond_janespond: soon u will find out who is stupid
aural_fixations: I already know. You.
aural_fixations: You are stupid.
aural_fixations: For messaging someone you don't even know, playing this game.
bond_janespond: are u stupid now already..too ssoon?
aural_fixations: And now, I have won the game, and I am bored with you.

ofallon_missouri_guy_age30: hey if a guy offered to let you facesit on him all day no time limmits or restrictions . And he would eat you all you like. And expect nothing in return would you do it?
aural_fixations: no.

stevenlee47: hi sexy wanna play
aural_fixations: no.
aural_fixations: I still don't want to play. How many times are you going to FORGET my screen name?

Saturday, March 13, 2004

singleguyl6: i hav sam phone wt your #
aural_fixations: what?
singleguyl6: i hav sam phone wt your #
singleguyl6: same
aural_fixations: you don't know my phone number.
singleguyl6: tell me
aural_fixations: no.
singleguyl6: plz i call u
aural_fixations: I don't want you to call me.
singleguyl6: yes baby plz
aural_fixations: No. Stop asking. It's really annoying.
singleguyl6: u r so special
aural_fixations: You're booted off my cam.
aural_fixations: Now go away.
singleguyl6: bitch u ant all taht
aural_fixations: Isn't that funny how you changed your mind?
singleguyl6: your a stuck up bitch
aural_fixations: You were all up on me til I rejected you.
aural_fixations: What happened to "singleguyl6: u r so special"?
singleguyl6: u do tha t to ever one
aural_fixations: what happened to you BEGGING me for my phone number?
aural_fixations: Desperate. I knew you were an idiot.
singleguyl6: u r playing hard to get
singleguyl6: i lik that
aural_fixations: I'm not PLAYING anything.
aural_fixations: I don't like you.
aural_fixations: You won't have me.
singleguyl6: u don lik any one
aural_fixations: For you, I am IMPOSSIBLE to get.
aural_fixations: I like lots of people. Just not you.
singleguyl6: u don't even lik your shiff
aural_fixations: I don't like your lack of gramatical skills.
singleguyl6: u alto talk
singleguyl6: lising to wt u say
aural_fixations: Goodbye.
singleguyl6: no plz im really sorry
singleguyl6: i lik that u forwerd
aural_fixations: I said... Goodbye.
singleguyl6: noooo
aural_fixations: That means, I don't want to talk to you anymore.
singleguyl6: noooooo
singleguyl6: plzzzzz
aural_fixations: *ignore*

joker691978: do you suck cock at all
aural_fixations: I don't like chicken.
joker691978: what
aural_fixations: I said "I DON'T LIKE CHICKEN".
joker691978: what does that mean
aural_fixations: It means you're not smart enough to get the joke, joker.
joker691978: im typing in the wrong window sweety sorry

Thursday, March 11, 2004

musharraf_nadeem2001: hi
musharraf_nadeem2001: how are u?
musharraf_nadeem2001: wana see my cock ?
musharraf_nadeem2001: cam too cam?
aural_fixations: you have a chicken?
musharraf_nadeem2001: no
musharraf_nadeem2001: but i have 8 inch
aural_fixations: 8 isnches of money?
musharraf_nadeem2001: yes i mean cock
aural_fixations: chicken.
musharraf_nadeem2001: pines
musharraf_nadeem2001: open cam dear
musharraf_nadeem2001: i want see your beauty face
aural_fixations: What cam?
musharraf_nadeem2001: hi
musharraf_nadeem2001: like me cam to cam?
aural_fixations: hai. make no sexii chat. i no have cam this on computer.
aural_fixations: cam different computer on still hate sexii chat. stab you little wangy.
aural_fixations: meatgrinder.
aural_fixations: rrrRRRRrRRRRrRRRRRRrrrr chop chop.
musharraf_nadeem2001: i have little?
musharraf_nadeem2001: if you no belive so chek.
aural_fixations: Ok.
aural_fixations: Where is it?
musharraf_nadeem2001: open cam
musharraf_nadeem2001: ok
aural_fixations: I can't even see the invite, it's that little.
musharraf_nadeem2001: i have 8 inch
aural_fixations: 8 inches of lies.
musharraf_nadeem2001: no i am not lier
musharraf_nadeem2001: i think your pussy not accept 8 inch right
musharraf_nadeem2001: i think you pussy tight
aural_fixations: I think you dork.
aural_fixations: you go now.
aural_fixations: you waste my time.
musharraf_nadeem2001: ok if you no want no problem.
musharraf_nadeem2001: but really my cock 8
musharraf_nadeem2001: ok dear can i kiss your soft lips
aural_fixations: No.
aural_fixations: u annoy me.
aural_fixations: u a dork. sexii chat away from me u.
musharraf_nadeem2001: i am dork but my heart is good.
aural_fixations: u dumbdumb poop.
aural_fixations: understand me.
aural_fixations: go now.
aural_fixations: away.
aural_fixations: me no like u.
musharraf_nadeem2001: ok chek my photo ok.
aural_fixations: No.
aural_fixations: ur not good e nuff 4 me.
aural_fixations: i want not u
aural_fixations: u go now
aural_fixations: u be here 4 owa.
musharraf_nadeem2001: 25 age
musharraf_nadeem2001: i am full strong
aural_fixations: full strong of idiocy.
aural_fixations: full, strong, and not interesting.
aural_fixations: full, strong, and rejected.
aural_fixations: good bye.
aural_fixations: *ignore*

alone_shy30: do u have a oral fixation?
aural_fixations: no. I have an AURAL fixation.
alone_shy30: what is an aural fixation
aural_fixations: look it up.
alone_shy30: i'm not smart enough for all that
aural_fixations: obviously.
alone_shy30: yeppers
aural_fixations: aural means "of the ear". i like music.
alone_shy30: that is cool but not nearly as much fun
aural_fixations: It is more fun for me.
alone_shy30: your man doesnt' return the fav?
aural_fixations: I don't talk about sex.
alone_shy30: ah i'm sorry but dling is illegle so there is nothing else to od
aural_fixations: I see.
aural_fixations: Find someone else to talk about sex with. I'm having plenty of other good nonsexual conversations here.
alone_shy30: your to young to be thinking that way
aural_fixations: Age has nothing to do with it.
aural_fixations: Being 31, being 81.... I won't talk about sex with someone I'm not involved with.
aural_fixations: It isn't anyone else's business.
alone_shy30: who said anything about the truth... this is the net lies are better and more fun
aural_fixations: I don't have sexual conversations.
aural_fixations: Stop wasting my time if that's what you want.

loki_122l2: Stubborn girls are equivalent to midgets with LoW IQ's and Lack of intelligent life.. lol conceited bitches! i swear
aural_fixations: You just hurt my little internet feelings.
loki_122l2: not you
loki_122l2: youre modest
loki_122l2: move along
aural_fixations: You're the one that messaged me. You move along. :))

b_anonymous1: what are you u ptoo
aural_fixations: chatting.
b_anonymous1: you ever try anything online?
b_anonymous1: or on the phone?
b_anonymous1: or do you just chat
b_anonymous1: im sure you get bugged about that all the time
aural_fixations: I get bugged about that every 4 minutes.
aural_fixations: I've been bugged about that by you already, twice.
b_anonymous1: thats what i thought
b_anonymous1: i dont rememver asking
aural_fixations: And my answer is still.. no. I don't do anything online, or off.
b_anonymous1: sorry

swolencok: im fixing to jerk off over u girl
swolencok: u wanna watch
aural_fixations: how unattractive. go away.
swolencok: i dont care much weither u aprove or not
aural_fixations: Good. Then you won't mind leaving.
swolencok: im not leaving
aural_fixations: Oh.
aural_fixations: Yes you are.
aural_fixations: Good bye.
aural_fixations: *ignore*

ronjr2637: hello there pretty eyes
aural_fixations: hi
ronjr2637: how are you to day
aural_fixations: fine
ronjr2637: can i plsz ask you one thing
aural_fixations: what.
ronjr2637: i am die to see you blow me a kiss on your cam ok
aural_fixations: no.
ronjr2637: why not
aural_fixations: You're not my boyfriend.
ronjr2637: how will he no
aural_fixations: go away.
ronjr2637: fibe be a snob
aural_fixations: I will.
ronjr2637: that is why you dont have a man rigth there
aural_fixations: He's at work.
ronjr2637: hmmm sure ok
ronjr2637: hmmm o a money hunger woman that all she cares a bout is money
aural_fixations: Yeah.
aural_fixations: You got me pegged.
aural_fixations: Darn it.
ronjr2637: sad
aural_fixations: Yeah.
aural_fixations: You shouldn't talk to me anymore. I am bad.
ronjr2637: you dont have a man why do you lie
aural_fixations: If you don't believe me, I don't care.
ronjr2637: you mite have a ruber doll no man
aural_fixations: Even if I was single, I STILL wouldn't blow you a kiss. I don't like you.
aural_fixations: You don't interest me.
aural_fixations: I only blow kisses to attractive, cool men with respectable personalities. You're none of that.

*** another yahoo psychiatrist ***
notsurewhythis: prude in chat? I dont think that is possible....a real prude would not be here......if someone thought that for real and was in here...they need to get over their self and look at reality
this_coochie_isnt_for_you: oh. um. ok.
this_coochie_isnt_for_you: I guess I'm a "fake" prude who won't put out and doesn't talk about sex.
notsurewhythis: take being a prude as not being easy....that is not the meaning of a prude
this_coochie_isnt_for_you: oh. enlighten me, mr. webster.
notsurewhythis: lol
this_coochie_isnt_for_you: Main Entry: prude
Pronunciation: 'prĂ¼d
Function: noun
Etymology: French, good woman, prudish woman, short for prudefemme good woman, from Old French prode femme
: a person who is excessively or priggishly attentive to propriety or decorum; especially : a woman who shows or affects extreme modesty
this_coochie_isnt_for_you: my showing of extreme modesty: not putting out or talking about sex.
this_coochie_isnt_for_you: which... in a chatroom, is quite prudish.
notsurewhythis: modesty is not just sex
this_coochie_isnt_for_you: which. in a chatroom. is quite prudish.
notsurewhythis: modesty comes in all parts of your life
this_coochie_isnt_for_you: which. IN A CHATROOM. is quite prudish.
notsurewhythis: I think you give the other ppl to much is not that your a is just most are perverts
this_coochie_isnt_for_you: I'll change my name. I am busted. You are right and I am wrong. I am just an uneducated, pathetic girl. Poor me.
notsurewhythis: lol
notsurewhythis: strong willed.....the need to be right .........and if someone differs from your oppinion it is something that bothers you....that sounds like a fair look at you
this_coochie_isnt_for_you: I love it SO much when people analyze me.
this_coochie_isnt_for_you: Keep going. Tell me all about me. Because in my 31 years, I obviously haven't a clue.
notsurewhythis: it is not being analyzied........but it is good to see how you are perceived......think about already know how you feel and think......what you have to learn is how others see your actions
this_coochie_isnt_for_you: you know... because in my volumous 10 lines of conversation, one can know everything about me.
notsurewhythis: I could know you all your life and still not know exactly who you are the only one that can do that......ppl dont judge who you are......they just go by what you care to let them see
this_coochie_isnt_for_you: profound.
this_coochie_isnt_for_you: I just never ever knew that. Wow. So smart you are.
notsurewhythis: lol
notsurewhythis: thank you yoda
this_coochie_isnt_for_you: No problem. Time to change my sheet.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

wre_am_i_now: do you like anal?
aural_fixations: sure.
wre_am_i_now: anal sex i mean
aural_fixations: right.
wre_am_i_now: having a guy stick his cock in your ass i mean
wre_am_i_now: and by your ass i mean your butt..not a donkey or anything
aural_fixations: Oh. No. I prefer to bend him over.
wre_am_i_now: that would work too
wre_am_i_now: now i know ive never talked to you before, but would you be willing you fuck me in the ass then let me lick your pussy?
aural_fixations: Not willing at all.
wre_am_i_now: if i say please?
aural_fixations: Not even for money.
wre_am_i_now: how about potato chips and cola?
aural_fixations: LOL are you sure you never talked to me before??
wre_am_i_now: positive. i just like girls that are into potato chips and cola...also if they like to cough while im fuckin em

anne_is_bi: hi
aural_fixations: hi.
anne_is_bi: my apologies
aural_fixations: lol
anne_is_bi: i read your reply. lol
anne_is_bi: u have a bf
aural_fixations: yes.
anne_is_bi: omg
anne_is_bi: the pics
anne_is_bi: girl u aer a hottie
anne_is_bi: u dont look 31
aural_fixations: thanks
anne_is_bi: u r so adorable
anne_is_bi: luv the glasses
anne_is_bi: and what a cute butt
aural_fixations: thanks.
anne_is_bi: so you got pics of bf??
aural_fixations: yes. you've seen them.
anne_is_bi: any nudes? lol
aural_fixations: Not that I'll share with anyone.
anne_is_bi: ok
anne_is_bi: i understand
anne_is_bi: sorry for being greedy
aural_fixations: Do you know this is about the 5th time you've messaged me and asked me the same questions and said the same things?
aural_fixations: same compliments on the same pictures.
aural_fixations: same conversation. same apologies.
anne_is_bi: lol
aural_fixations: it's like you're stuck in a time warp, and you don't know you've talked to me before.
anne_is_bi: i cant help it
anne_is_bi: u r such a hottie
anne_is_bi: love that face
anne_is_bi: and that butt
aural_fixations: If you think I'm so HOT.. you'd THINK you would REMEMBER me.
aural_fixations: I remember you, sight unseen.
aural_fixations: Merely on annoyance factor.
aural_fixations: So why don't you remember to NOT MESSAGE ME anymore?
aural_fixations: Got it?
anne_is_bi: i wont bother u again


brownpiston: hello mam!
brownpiston: hi
brownpiston: i am brown
brownpiston: ok talk to me
brownpiston: i wont ask you any sexy questions
brownpiston: i know who you are
brownpiston: fot\r whom you work!!!
brownpiston: talk to me
brownpiston: i know you acting!
aural_fixations: oh yeah? tell me where i work now.
aural_fixations: come on.
aural_fixations: I know you can.
aural_fixations: you know me.. right/
aural_fixations: tell me.
brownpiston: you boot me?
brownpiston: ok
brownpiston: your web site is poor
aural_fixations: i didn't boot you.
brownpiston: and kid
aural_fixations: go ahead. tell me where I work.
brownpiston: you want to know where you work?
aural_fixations: brownpiston: i know who you are
brownpiston: fot\r whom you work!!!
brownpiston: right?
aural_fixations: yes. tell me.
brownpiston: if i tell you taht you will be surprised!
brownpiston: that..
aural_fixations: yes, i will.
aural_fixations: so tell me.
brownpiston: ok i will tell you
brownpiston: but i need some thing in return
brownpiston: will you be my pal?
brownpiston: will you help me sister?
brownpiston: i am suffering here in India
brownpiston: will you help me sis?
brownpiston: i am not a mone
aural_fixations: no.
brownpiston: i am not a money seeker
aural_fixations: either you tell me, or we don't chat.
aural_fixations: that's it.
brownpiston: i dont want money
brownpiston: i need your help
aural_fixations: I don't care.
aural_fixations: tell me, or go away.
brownpiston: ok
brownpiston: you work for the CIA!
brownpiston: right?
brownpiston: cia
brownpiston: ha ah
brownpiston: will you help me?
aural_fixations: no. I don't work.
brownpiston: then??
aural_fixations: so you're quite wrong.
aural_fixations: you don't know me.
aural_fixations: bye.
brownpiston: no way i am always right
brownpiston: ok
brownpiston: my web site
brownpiston: see it
aural_fixations: no
brownpiston: you love me?
brownpiston: will you marry me
brownpiston: my web sit
aural_fixations: no
aural_fixations: Go away
brownpiston: am i like a kid?
brownpiston: you see i talk like a kid
brownpiston: i act lie a kid
brownpiston: you like it?
brownpiston: well bye sister
brownpiston: happy to meet you
brownpiston: chao

madhur_ii2000: be naked plz
aural_fixations: be dead please.


beume18: u ever caught your b/f jacking ?
aural_fixations: he would never steal a car.
beume18: lol
beume18: have u ever caught your b/f jacking his cock ?
aural_fixations: No. I prefer he aim elsewhere.
beume18: how often do u make your b/f cum ?
aural_fixations: What's with all the personal questions that I'm obviously not going to answer?
beume18: u ever made your b/f cum in a public place ?
aural_fixations: I'm not answering sexual questions.
aural_fixations: Move on.
beume18: do u shave your vagina ?
aural_fixations: Goodbye, little man.
beume18: its not little
aural_fixations: Any man who doesn't respect a lady, is little.
beume18: no my cocks big
aural_fixations: I don't care about your chicken.
beume18: my penis is prolly larger than your b/fs
aural_fixations: Do you think this kind of talk turns a lady like me on?
beume18: i`m just tellin u my cock could please u better
aural_fixations: It isn't a penis that pleases a woman. It's intelligence. And obviously, you haven't any.
beume18: i have intelligence ,,,,,,, u know your pussies getting wet
aural_fixations: No, it isn't.
aural_fixations: You couldn't stand a chance with me.
aural_fixations: And now, I'm going to show everyone that very fact at
aural_fixations: tah *ignore*

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

*** It amazes me how many people PM me as if they have never spoken to me before.***

ronjr30301: you have a nice ass there
aural_fixations: thanks.
ronjr30301: yw
ronjr30301: so why are u not whit your man to nigth ?
aural_fixations: well, because I don't go out on the weeknights.
ronjr30301: so where is he at then
aural_fixations: sleeping.
ronjr30301: shit i would be makeing love to you
aural_fixations: No, you wouldn't.
ronjr30301: o you must be a good girl
aural_fixations: I am.
ronjr30301: hmmm ok there

The following is not a maggot, but someone who noticed my status messages. Lately I have been putting adjectives people have been using to describe me in my status. Words such as "Standoffish. Aloof. Distant. Annoyed. Cocky. Arrogant. Proud. Indifferent." The following is something nice for a change. Thanks :)

fenderstrat19682002: what about smart, loyal, strong willed, intuitive, thifty, kind, and sympathic

WHY do people feel the need to analyze me?? This cat's a moron.

nobody2003m: hi
aural_fixations: hi.
nobody2003m: how are you
aural_fixations: aggitated.
nobody2003m: why
aural_fixations: that's just the day.
nobody2003m: what happened
aural_fixations: nothing i care to talk about.
nobody2003m: i think you want to
aural_fixations: you're wrong.
nobody2003m: i'm never wrong
aural_fixations: anyway.
nobody2003m: who are you mad at
aural_fixations: I'm not discussing it.
aural_fixations: If this conversation is going to be you prodding me, and me denying you, we should stop talking now to save time.
nobody2003m: i like to poke and prod
aural_fixations: I don't care if you like it or not. I'm not discussing it with you.
nobody2003m: i read Sigmund Freud's on Psychoanalysis when i was 18
aural_fixations: Ok.
nobody2003m: i studied history too
aural_fixations: nice.
nobody2003m: and social science
aural_fixations: cool.
nobody2003m: you just need alittle tuning
aural_fixations: I need you to find a subject that cares to be analyzed or fixed.
aural_fixations: I LIKE how I am.
nobody2003m: sure
aural_fixations: I'm not here to fit your standards of what is "normal".
nobody2003m: normal doesn't exist
aural_fixations: If you can't ACCEPT me for who and what I am, don't message me anymore.
nobody2003m: your the one that said they were aggitated
aural_fixations: people have moods.
nobody2003m: sorry i was concerned
aural_fixations: aggitated is one of them.
aural_fixations: Let me have my moods.
nobody2003m: its a female thing
nobody2003m: i forgot
aural_fixations: like men don't have moods.
nobody2003m: not like women
aural_fixations: Ok.
nobody2003m: are you bipolar
aural_fixations: No.
nobody2003m: sounds like you might be
aural_fixations: Sounds like you might be.
aural_fixations: Oh.. hey... I'm going to go. I just found someone cool to talk to. See ya.
nobody2003m: right
aural_fixations: I'm putting you on ignore. You're an idiot. Bye. :)

Saturday, March 06, 2004

dogsrocks2003: hello again
aural_fixations: hi
dogsrocks2003: watcha up to how was your sons dentists?
aural_fixations: great
dogsrocks2003: lol
dogsrocks2003: i can imagine
dogsrocks2003: lol
dogsrocks2003: so wtacha doin with yourself today
aural_fixations: going to sleep.
dogsrocks2003: lol
dogsrocks2003: ok
dogsrocks2003: so you wanna show me your tits b4 u go sleep?
aural_fixations: don't talk to me like that.
dogsrocks2003: sorry lol
dogsrocks2003: im an ass hole
dogsrocks2003: its just i really wanna cum
aural_fixations: good luck.
dogsrocks2003: can u help?
aural_fixations: don't pm me again if you're going to talk dirty.
dogsrocks2003: ok

Thursday, March 04, 2004

xanekhan: hi
xanekhan: u r beautiful
xanekhan: wanna a see me?
aural_fixations: no thanks.
xanekhan: y
xanekhan: well just wanna a have hardcore ??
xanekhan: can u just stand up?
aural_fixations: no.
xanekhan: y
xanekhan: please
aural_fixations: NO.
xanekhan: can u just put your cam down?
aural_fixations: NO.
xanekhan: well do u know anyother word
aural_fixations: daveboy58868: LOWER UR CAM
aural_fixations: no
xanekhan: except no
aural_fixations: if you ask me something that i will say yes to, i will say it.
aural_fixations: such as "do idiots ask you to show all the time?" yes.
aural_fixations: "do people harass you so they can get off?" yes.
xanekhan: LOLZ
aural_fixations: "do they think you owe them a show simply because you have a cam, and didn't even invite them to view in the first place?" yes.
xanekhan: hey bye
xanekhan: take care

bluexstorm_63033: Hello a/s/l ???
aural_fixations: it's the same as every other time you've asked me.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

hotthing69er2003: hi babes u feelin horney wona cam 2 cam
aural_fixations: never.

Monday, March 01, 2004

*** sometimes i just feel like arguing. heh***
stereoguyz: hi
aural_fixations: hi
stereoguyz: how u doin
stereoguyz: still the same announcement
aural_fixations: yup
stereoguyz: ppl dnt stop
aural_fixations: nope.
stereoguyz: u cud b lil nicer though
stereoguyz: call them bro
aural_fixations: It isn't mean.
stereoguyz: but u knw
stereoguyz: guyz r like this
stereoguyz: u turn on yr cam
stereoguyz: but u dnt even smile
stereoguyz: wats with that
aural_fixations: so? i'm not a gameshow hostess. i'm not obligated to smile if it isn't my mood.
stereoguyz: but u hardly smile
stereoguyz: its not abt gameshow
stereoguyz: laughin is one thing
stereoguyz: but how hard is it to give some1 a smile
aural_fixations: that's just my personality. if someone doesn't like it, they don't have to watch my cam.
stereoguyz: why u alwayz get bak to cam
stereoguyz: this aint yr personality
stereoguyz: i saw yr pics
aural_fixations: it IS my personality.
stereoguyz: u r smiling in all of them
aural_fixations: i'm smiling... for a picture.
stereoguyz: okay
stereoguyz: so u alwayz need a reason
aural_fixations: the cam is at my computer. i don't sit and work at my computer smiling.
aural_fixations: quit grilling me about my personality and smiling.
aural_fixations: if you don't like it, you don't have to talk to me.
stereoguyz: see thats the reason guyz run after yr ass
stereoguyz: u annoy them
stereoguyz: i mean since we r living
stereoguyz: y not have fun n smile
stereoguyz: n not sayin
stereoguyz: smile all the time
stereoguyz: u r like u dnt wanna smile
aural_fixations: you to it then.
aural_fixations: i smile when i feel like it.
stereoguyz: on purpose
stereoguyz: k turn on yr cam
aural_fixations: no.
stereoguyz: then smile
aural_fixations: i'm not in the mood.
aural_fixations: i don't take orders.
aural_fixations: i smile when i FEEL like it.
stereoguyz: again
stereoguyz: that wasnt order
stereoguyz: i said that as a friend
aural_fixations: then drop it.
aural_fixations: you're not my friend.
stereoguyz: y r u so uptight
aural_fixations: you're some guy annoying me on the net.
stereoguyz: i never annoy ne1
stereoguyz: i m juzz being friendly
aural_fixations: you're annoying me.
stereoguyz: c'mon now
stereoguyz: drop it
aural_fixations: exactly.
stereoguyz: u know u r not mean kind
stereoguyz: y u act mean then
aural_fixations: dude. leave me alone.
stereoguyz: see there
stereoguyz: wat did i say now
stereoguyz: wat wud u do if i leave u alone
aural_fixations: i'm asking you nicely now, to please leave me alone. i'm telling you nicely that you annoy me.
stereoguyz: sit n think
stereoguyz: but y cant we b friends
aural_fixations: i would continue my other conversations that aren't annoying me.
stereoguyz: y u alwayz tryin to humiliate me
aural_fixations: i want you to leave me alone. you can't handle that.
aural_fixations: that's why you feel humiliated.
stereoguyz: but i know u r nice
aural_fixations: yes. i am. and i am also blunt and straighforward.
stereoguyz: i understand that
stereoguyz: but i dnt wanna see u naked
aural_fixations: your problem is you don't accept what i tell you.
stereoguyz: i juzz wanna talk
aural_fixations: i tell you i don't want to smile, that it's my personality and you keep on needling me about it. that is annoying.
stereoguyz: okay fine
stereoguyz: dont smile
aural_fixations: and that is why i don't want to talk to you.